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Any person who has been operating businesses for the last 3 to 4 decades can tell you that Australia, and quite a few other countries of the World have been stuck in a Ground Hog Day style recession for almost 25 years, where economies get going for a while then suddenly collapse. 

Instead of the normal economic 10-20-40 year recession cycle, that we could still predict up until the New Millennium, it is now more of a 3 to 5 year melt down cycle and almost impossible for any business to prepare for the crippling down turns.   

Like a giant wave, and greater than any time known in history,   organisations and businesses open, trade then vanish ... The average Joe has no idea why he cannot maintain a good paying job or functioning business for longer than three years, or why he is working longer hours,  yet earning less money than he did 10 years ago.

It's not rocket science to know that this has been due principally to the loss of almost 75% of manufacturing to China,  India and in a smaller way The Philippines and Indonesia.  In the beginning a selective group of Europeans were quick to identify and profit greatly (in the trillions) from these cheap and flexible resources,  and took domination of much of the internet to help them.  This was to produce some mega rich Asians and Indians, who, not so hindered by the same copyright and patent scruples we feel we have in the Western of the world, gradually turned the tables on their mentors to create their own manufacture and trading. 

Thanks to financial manipulation on a global scale including the over valuing of many Fortune 500 assets ... we are now participating in the highly controlled (doped down) write off of trillions of dollars of "stuff"' that was never worth its stated book value in the first place. Many of them got out by selling out, leaving their buyers with lemons

Most of us learned the hard way as kids that paying off credit cards with credit cards was a suicide mission ... but it's amazing to what level this has got to this time.  There are great advantages to not only owning the company but the financial institution and having a few good friend Politicians in your pocket as well ... hey, who's watching, we're all asleep!

In 2017 a huge chunk of our populations are now addicted to their social media and mesmerized by the news (including the fake) and herded like cows into a range economic beliefs and actions by the media, we really need to wake up from this brain washing ... 

We have likely now reached a point of no return with what has been created for us in Australia and will likely have to allow it to run it's full, unpredictable cycle ...  but this should not be an excuse to close ourselves down from being the great nation that we are, due fear and uncertainty ...  

We could create our own Butterfly Effect (or Splash as we call it) -  which works something like this:  

Did you know that if someone inspired a whole country to buy a Mars Bar (for example) every day for a month, they would trigger their economy ... I kid you not, it's that simple, a spending country is a wealthy country.  

It's not all bad ...  It's actually a great opportunity!

It's time read (or re-read) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, who wrote his book in the era of the Great Depression of the 40's, but still remains one of the top 50 read books of the world, because of it's power and ultimate truth about succeeding in business.  

Napoleon was challenged by one of the wealthiest men in the world of the time,  to study the great business men and women of all time, to establish the formula of being successful.  

In his book, Napoleon identified the great benefit of bad recessions, as the leveling of the players and the playing field,  an opportunity for new talent to begin and grow great things.  He also stated clearly that you can be successful no matter what the economy is doing, if you are willing to step out of it, mentally.

So come on boys and girls, get brass and brazen, Ignore the Ne'r Sayers,   there is nothing more joyful than watching an idea come into fruition and achieving success.  

Money rolls towards the innovators, movers and shakers. (and away from the fearful, disgruntled and bitter.

Find something that needs changing for the better and use this as the cause to back your business ... cause marketing will make you famous.


  • What the heck are Australians eating now - what happened to the laws requiring contents to be identified on packaging?  I don't want to eat palm oil, canola oil, MSG, pork fat, artificial sugar or gene modified.
  • Why doesn't Australia own it's own mining initiatives.
  • Why are we spending billions on Weapons and not our own profit making initiatives that can then pay for weapons
  • Why are we taking away help to the business people who pay the taxes that pay the pensions, that also feed the economy.
  • How come we are allowing corruption in Sea Shipping?
  • Why are Internet SEO specialists being permitted to continue with ppractices that are crippling Search Engines.
  • Why are we allowing people with more money that some countries in the world to sell off our assets and organisations?
  • Why is the Government tendering system about the best price, not about the critical nature of keeping profits in this country.
  • Why do we continue to manufacture in countries that have no interest in copyright and patents, and will eventually take our innovations for themselves
  • How did inferior building materials (combustive and asbestos) make their way into our schools and hospitals after being outlawed for decades, who is policing this now?  
  • Why are we selling out our Taxi industry who have been required to make their vehicles safe for our safety, for decades.  

China and The Middle East

1. China Slowing Economy 

Post: 2016 The Chinese economy is still slowing as a result of the world economy having slowed in the past 2 years.  Not everybody in the western world felt the full effects of the European recession, many economies were bolstered up by Government intervention, but those in mining and other regional primary industries took the full brunt of the big "Write Off".  Unfortunately in 2016 where we could normally expect an end to this quite normal economic cycle it will instead make it's way to many more sectors, and hold our economy in suspension for at least one more year, while we wait for China to recover from it's doldrums.  

This is the first Chinese business generation to experience the lulls of the typical Western 20-40 year economic cycle, and being the center of much of the worlds manufacturing this will be a difficult and shocking time for China, whom have only had the experience of a generation of massive growth and abundance. 

We are likely to witness some of China's major organizations, particularly those that rely on Western trade,  shrinking, failing and folding,  which will have a general domino effect within China and then the World.

2017 Update:  This has happened as predicted, but the good news for them, and us is the world will begin trading again after the Big Write Off has been completed, suggest September 2017 western trade will begin to move again ... this is a good time to trigger a boost to spending for Christmas Trade.   

Chinese learn fast and can no longer afford to operate dishonestly or be the suppliers of defective goods. I predict that 2017-2018 will be the turning point for China to embrace integrity and a new scope of high quality goods, including technological and environmental innovations.  I believe that China will take us in to Space.

2. Cautions 

Post 2016 The most obvious caution will be that of dealing directly with China and paying for goods and services, as recessions bring about many accidental thieves and organized corruption increases.  Smart business will return to the use of Letters of Credit to protect investments from failure.

The Chinese as matter of desperation have already begun measures to market directly to global consumers. This will obviously cut out many of their former importing customers.

2017 Update:  As predicted, major corruption has been exposed around shipping, internet hacking scams, telemarketing scams and  drug busts pulling in fraudsters right across the Pacific.    
There has been a big buy up of businesses in Malaysia, Australia and Papua New Guinea to deal direct, and this likely cuts out the people who gave them the ideas and technology.
We should not be so annoyed with this as Europeans (including UK, America & Australia) have done this for hundreds of years, but we should now nip this in the bud, because if we don't, we will be flooded.  
We have allowed ourselves to lower standard of goods and services, we have turned our back on the ethics and safety we fought so hard for in the past : e.g. Student Drive Car alternative to Taxis.  Vehicle safety is not part of the deal when you use Uber or Grab in Asia, and the whole industry has been comprised so that even the taxis are substandard.  Construction Industry Horrors. Another industry we have turned our back on .. e.g. Building materials containing Asbestos or high combustibility, snuck into our country and have been installed without checking safety, they even managed to import drugs using corrupt shipping firms.

The upside of becoming a new Chinese Nation would be the growth and abundance of Singapore and Hong Kong.   The downside is, we will likely have to deal with a greater division between the haves and have not's. Wages will drop and working hours will likely increase to match the 6 day week and 12 hours days of Asia. 

We should watch how well Canada adapts to having 7 Chinese Billionaires move into their country.

3. Reverse Trade to China

Despite the shifting of export marketing in China,  the general wealth of local middle class Chinese consumers will continue to grow.  A new understanding of pollution and toxicity, educated and affluent Chinese have lowered their trust in locally produced products, particularly food and beverage, so the import of clean foods will be on the rise.  

Asia and Indonesia are also looking for new avenues for food products not wishing to source from China.

With the current Australian and Pacific currency now being so atrociously high, this is an opportunity to take back many manufacturing and production pursuits and market good quality items to this new consumer resource.

4. Asian Tourists

There are big opportunities to bring Asian Tourists to Australia - in my time in Kuala Lumpur I was most impressed by the daily bus loads of Chinese Tourists (up to 50 buses a day) that would pull up and fill the 500 room hotel I was staying in.   

They do not just like visiting cities, but are also very interested in nature, animals, bush and forest and low set buildings because there is very little of this left in China.   Australian tour operators have learned that they must create the opportunity quickly or the Chinese will create their own ... e.g. there has been a new Billion Dollar resort proposed for Cairns for some years, but unless someone can develop an environmentally sound concept, this will likely never eventuate.  The strong green heritage of Cairns is something to be admired, not ridiculed, but it could be done in a eco fashion.. 

Opinion on the future of Arabic product marketing

The 50 year war has meant there has been very little local production in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran which rely heavily on bringing products and services into the country from outside.  As the Chinese Yen increases in value,  other countries of the world have the opportunity to supply goods and services, particularly in the food line. 

The availability of internet technology in the Middle East is still in it's infancy and will be a huge growth industry in the next 2-5 years,  and it's use has very much awakened an interest of the western model in the younger generation who embrace their computing and telecommunications as much as anyone in the European world.   

The internet has the benefit of merging ideals and we can expect to see the internet being a great catalyst for peace and prosperity.

2017 Update I urge as many Australians as possible to visit the Middle East and Muslim dominated countries and meet the people. 

Most of us in the West have totally misconceived ideas of who they are and their religious beliefs and practices.  

It is considered by those I met in the Middle East that many terrorist groups do not really exist, but are in fact mercenary groups paid by unknown sources, to pose as Muslim radicals, recruiting mentally challenged men and women into a phantom cause, with the sole purpose of selling billions of dollars of weapons. 

In marketing we call this knee jerk marketing - fear is a great catalyst for selling.  How they get away with it and how we continue to believe it ... is beyond me.
My friends in Baghdad whom have been involved in real local wars for up to 50 years, are as miffed about what is occurring in Mosul  and Syria, as the rest of the world and their sole source of  information comes from t.v. news media, and the global tabloids ... 

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