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You can read more about our Portable and Light Structures Projects at our dedicated websites:

Fabric Structures


We have a good range of useful, industrial strength fabric structures designed for use as Sheds, Shelters and Hangars.

Range includes

Cyclone Rated Fabric Structures and Hard Top Shelters (Max Weather and Fire Protection) are also available.

Fabrics include PVC and PE's of Australian, Korean or European origins. 



We offer two types of  Flat Pack Steel Containers that are great alternatives to traditional sea containers.

  • Insulated 

    Flat Pack Containers 

    which can be stacked and joined into bigger storage units or upgraded to Cabins, Offices and Villas using a brilliant range of add-ons
  • Folding Steel Containers, same materials and sizes as sea containers, but without twist-locks. Go up or down in under one hour

Save some time and money with brand new flat pack containers!

Cabins Sheds Offices


EPS Panel Structures are quick build sandwich panel buildings, ideally suited to portable, temporary or fixed light structures.

  • No Toxic Materials
  • Fire Hazard Resistant

These type of structures are the next step up from our Insulated Flat Pack Containers, without twistlocks and pre fabricated to the size and interior required and shipped as a  flat pack.

Assemble yourself or let us put you in touch with a professional installer.

Warehouses Hangars


EPS Panels (cement sandwich) are a popular building material used around the World. They are usually lighter, often stronger, cheaper and quicker to construct than most other building materials including concrete and bricks.  

EPS Panel came under scrutiny recently due to some not properly tested panels being released into the market that were highly combustive (an insulation issue) or containing Asbestos, illegal in Australia.  

Naturally we will not participate and have our panels independently laboratory tested before use.

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